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Warning to stalkers

Par défaut


Facebook is home to many stalkers & other sex obsessed losers – so I’m often harassed by them. I tried the kind approach at first, with no success – so I turned to the hard approach… but they go on sending me offensive messages.

Noticing that both approaches were ineffective, I decided to send a message, but this time to their employer.

Here’s a private message I sent to Kakur Kitchen, in Dhaka, Bengladesh (employer of one stalker) :

-Me : Dear Mister, I’m a belgian blogger & therapeut, I’m 57 years old, mother of 3, & quite religious. I’m on Facebook to promote my website & find new customers .. But your employee, … dares to harass me by sending me private messages of a pornographic character (dirty talk & links to pornographic videos) – which is shocking ! By writing to you, I hope you’ll realize what kind of a despicable man he is… Thanks for reading me.

..sorry ; his name is Zahidul Jammy

-their answer : We are extremely sorry « Bea de Laat » for Zahidul Jammy’s activities. Our management has already sacked him from Kakur Kitchen. He is no more with us. Thanks for informing us, hope you all the best.

-Me : Thank you. I think sacking him was a good decision, as ungodly people have no morals & are never good employees (they cost more than they produce). I hope you the best

=> Kakur Kitchen’s owners obviously have moral standards and respect women & mothers – which, I’m sure, is a blessing both for their family & for their business.

So, I’m telling you stalkers ; if you dare to mess with me again, I’ll search until I find your employer or wife, & tell them of your disgusting nature … … »à bon entendeur, salut ! » as we say in french !